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CCTV Pipe Inspection Services

The Radiodetection GatorCam3TM

Experienced ATS Technicians utilize "State of the Art" CCTV Inspection Systems to insure you of fast, cost effective internal inspection of all types of sewer drainage, waste water lines, HVAC ducts and other piping systems.

For smaller lines from 2" to 12" diameters, ATS uses a unique mini-cam system that can inspect up to 200' lengths at a time. Crystal clear full color images are transmitted back to a 6.4" monitor for immediate analysis.

For larger lines up to 36" diameters, ATS uses a powerful, self-propelled system that feeds back very high resolution, full color images that can be immediately viewed on our color monitor.

ATS' CCTV systems need only one point of entry to perform an inspection. All CCTV Inspections can be recorded on videotape or DVD for future analysis.

Voice over narration and subtitles can be included on the video taped recording of the inspection.

We can respond quickly for any size job whether it's just one street, an area or subdivision or an entire system.

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