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ATS to the Rescue in Fargo, North Dakota

The scene in the Macy's Loading Dock Where the leak was located by ATS

FARGO, ND, Nov 2009 - When ATS says that we're available to help you whether you're across town or across the country we really mean it. In fact, over the past 30 years ATS has served clients in 17 different states from coast to coast and border to border. Just last week we added a new state and a new client to that list when we received a call Tuesday night on our 24 Hour Hotline from MACY'S Inc. Macy's, Inc., with over 800 Macy's and Bloomingdale's locations, is the largest department store retailer in America. The Macy's store in Fargo, North Dakota was experiencing a very serious leak problem that was threatening operations at their West Acres Mall location.

Prior to calling ATS, Macy's had contracted a local firm to locate this leak. Using traditional methods that included drilling numerous holes for listening probes, and "ground-miking" along the 70' long concrete walkway for the leak, an excavation was made on their location mark. Unfortunately the leak was nowhere to be found within the excavation. Desperate for help, their engineer put out a distress call on the Macy's network, which was answered by his counterpart in Chicago. Earlier this year we successfully pinpointed a serious leak on the downtown Chicago store's fire protection system. They advised the Fargo store that if they were in that situation again that there was only one company they would use, and the company is ATS. Within minutes, our 24-hour hotline was ringing with their call.

Water surfacing everywhere - Was the potable water supply leaking or the fire protection system?

Macy's engineer explained that water was surfacing all along a recessed loading dock area that bordered a 70' long concrete retaining wall and adjacent 8' wide sidewalk that also serves as employee entrance to the store. As if that wasn't enough, it was also directly over the path where other essential utilities entered the store. Should the leaking pipe completely rupture, that their shipping operations be interrupted, and lose either their 4" domestic water potable water supply or even worse, lose fire protection should the break be on their 10" fire protection main that supplied their fire sprinkler system. To further complicate things, both water mains enter the mall at a 9-foot depth under concrete so any excavation would be difficult and costly. It was a daunting but certainly not an impossible challenge for ATS.

Macy's needed help and fast, before disaster had a chance to strike.

The concrete employee entrance and shipping dock area where the leaking pipe line was located.
ATS weighed whether to fly or drive to a job site. For the sake of speed and having as much equipment capability as possible with us, the decision was made to drive the 630-mile trip to Fargo, ND, from our office in Villa Park, IL (just west of Chicago). At 7 AM on the following morning we arrived on-site ready to get to work. After reviewing the site with Macy's maintenance staff, we began our investigation by tracing out all the adjacent utilities in addition to the water lines that also entered the building at this location to verify their exact locations. Fortunately, it looked like a pretty straightforward application of our state-of-the-art leak location technology. We measured both water mains and entered their length, diameter and pipe material into the computerized leak location correlator.

An accurate pinpoint that saved Macy's tens of thousands of dollars

In just over 2 hours, after running numerous setups, we were able to determine which line was leaking. An accurate leak location on the 4" line was then marked on the concrete walkway indicating exactly where the repair crew should dig. The actual leak location was approximately 60 feet away from where the local firm erroneously indicated it would be. Macy's staff and their repair contractor breathed a sigh of relief that they weren't forced to trench for that troublesome leak.

With another job well done, our crew bid their good byes and hit the road for our return trip home. Satisfied in the knowledge that we were able to help out a new client and save them many thousands of dollars and the threat of their water system failing as a result of this main break. This is just one of many examples of the value of ATS' fast and accurate emergency leak location service. No matter where you are or when you need help, an ATS Crew can be on their way to your site anytime you need help. It's been that way for over 30 years. All you need to do is make the call and your problems will be solved.

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